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Language proficiency is a primary consideration in achieving one’s academic goals, and accessing a world so full with opportunities. Beyond being able to hold a simple conversation or to order a meal in a foreign language while traveling, as a foreign student you must be able to follow lectures, read scholarly texts, and to function on their own for long periods in a foreign culture. For this is reason many Universities across the world ensures that admitted international students are able to demonstrate high level of language proficiency that is required for learning and social interaction.  In like manner, working in foreign countries also requires your basic understanding of their language and the cultural context in which it’s spoken. Your ability to demonstrate and proof your proficiency in the language spoken in your study/work/travel destination is often the first hurdle to jump in accessing opportunities that are available in that country. And, the only way to proof your proficiency is by excelling in the respective official language proficiency examinations required for your desired study, work, or travel opportunity.

At Global School, we are committed to empowering you with the needed proficiency and competencies that is essential and required for you to excel in your chosen profession. 

Register now for our IELTS/TOEFL Preparatory Class. Our resource persons are well experienced young professionals themselves who have taken the examination themselves for their respective academic and professional goals. Not only do they have the experience in excelling at the test, they also have the expertise in preparing you for the class, and offering valuable counsel on maximizing overseas graduate study and work opportunities.


Group classes are booked two months ahead of the test, while private classes at learners pace can be booked as so desired by the learner.

To enroll for the preparatory class, kindly click here IELTS/TOEFL/GRE Preparatory Class Enrollment form

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