About Global School

Go Global with Global School

In September 2017, Building Nations Initiative-BNI commenced the Language for Humanitarian Diplomacy LAHD program towards strengthening the capacity of young professionals to work in a culturally diverse society through multilingualism and intercultural awareness. In less than two years of operating LAHD, we have trained 128 young persons in French, German, Spanish and Chinese language.

As an emerging visionary organisation that strong believe in social entrepreneurship as an approach to innovating for social impact, we are inspired to restructure the Language for Humanitarian Diplomacy program into Global School Language of Language and Culture, hence existing as an independent social enterprise of the Building Nations Initiative.

Recognizing that the world is fast becoming an increasingly globalized society, many companies and professional organizations are emphasizing the importance of cultural competence, global awareness and bilingual skills as essential in today’s workplace. Global School of Language and Culture provides you with an affordable and interactive Foreign and African languages learning opportunity towards strengthening your competence for global opportunities.  The School offers language courses in French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Sign Language and Swahili.

The Global School of Language and Culture, officially registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission as BNI Foreign Language Training Ltd, operates from BNI Youth Centres in Ibadan, Lagos, Ado-Ekiti and our respective learning centres across the Country.